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Differentiating Saltwater Fishing and Freshwater Fishing

As a fishing enthusiast, it is vital for you to be aware of the differences between freshwater and saltwater fishing. Before knowing the pros and cons of each, you have to know what makes both bodies of water different. Read more here about these two.

If you say saltwater, you are referring to the sea or the ocean. As the name implies, these bodies of water are salty or primarily high in salinity. If you say freshwater, meanwhile, these are bodies of water that have below or equal to 0.05% salinity like stream, lakes, ponds, and rivers. Since freshwater areas are smaller than saltwater areas, you can expect the same thing when it comes to their number of creatures.

Saltwater makes up the majority of the planet that you live in. This means that saltwater offers plenty of resources for both human beings and all other beings. Using this statistic, you will be catching more creatures from saltwater than from freshwater. And yet, it is far from possible to cover all parts of the world just so you can go fishing in saltwater. Nevertheless, with more saltwater areas you can cover for fishing, you will be fishing hundreds to thousands of a certain fish species from them.

In terms of fish species and sizes, you will be catching more and bigger fish species when you do saltwater fishing than freshwater fishing. You have plenty of fish species to catch in salt water as well as subspecies of them. While it is still possible for you get bigger freshwater fish, there are more chances for saltwater fish to grow bigger. Moreover, you get more omega 3 fatty acid content from saltwater fish than freshwater fish, which is good for the heart.

When it comes to saltwater fish, they are bigger, meaning they will be fighting back more with you compared to freshwater fish. Because you often see big fish species in saltwater, you can expect a lot of fighting every time they bite into your bait. If you are the adventurous type of fishing enthusiast, then fishing in saltwater can be a good thing for you.

The salinity levels of saltwater are one of the cons of fishing in it. Having high salinity levels in saltwater means that your metallic fishing equipment will deteriorate much faster. It is also much faster for boats to be damaged faster. Thus, you will be spending more when it comes to your fishing gear and equipment like their replacement, renewal, and repairs.

In terms of danger and risks, saltwater fishing presents more dangers than freshwater fishing. When storms pass through, tides may take place. However, this should not be an issue if you check your local weather news before you go fishing.

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