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Things to Ponder When Purchasing Hay for Your Chinchillas

If chinchillas are some of the pets you keep in your home, it is paramount to make sure that you give them proper nutrition. You also need to make sure that you give them the right quantity of food to live for many years. Basically, the digestive system of chinchillas is very sensitive. As a result, they need to be fed with special kind of a diet. While in the wild, chinchillas used to feed on fresh fat-free foods and vegetables. Having said that, there is no doubt that you need to ensure that you offer your chinchillas the right food.

You can feed your chinchillas on fresh hay and good quality pellets every day. Be careful when introducing new food since they can suffer from stomach upsets. If you desire to change the chinchillas’ food, introduce the change gradually. Basically, the best food to give to your chinchillas is fresh hays. This is because the chinchillas are used to eating fresh hays while in the wild forest.

To maintain the right digestive system balance, make sure that you feed your chinchillas with the right quantity of hay during the day. Basically, chinchillas love chewing. Having enough hay to chew during the day helps to keep the teeth of the beautiful rodents healthy and strong. Avoid feeding your rodents soiled hay since the hay may lead to stomach problems.

Make sure that you are careful with the quality of hay that you give your chinchillas. For best results, make sure that you select the right mix of hays. The best types of hay for your chinchillas include orchard grass, timothy hay, and legume hay. For the good health of your chinchillas make sure that you offer them a combination of grasses. If finding the grasses locally is challenging, consider browsing the internet to find these grasses. These websites also allow people to ship grasses at a pocket-friendly cost.

When buying your chinchillas some hay, the color of the hay is not a factor that you must consider. Whether the hay is green, or dark, leafy hay will provide the nutrients that your chinchillas need. However, you should avoid dark brown hay. This is because it could be a sign of mildew that is poisonous to the chinchillas. Also, dusty hay is not good for the chinchillas. Smelling at the hay can help you know if the hay is good or not. Good hay should have a sweet smell.

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