Athletic Medical Bags Provide Numerous Components for a Variety of Purposes

Customizable medical kits for personal trainers, team managers and coaches are important items that allow these individuals to provide first aid for their clientele and players. An example would be Mueller Hero Medical Bags, which can include a variety of products, including new ones recently released by this company. Those products were unveiled at the 2017 clinical symposium held by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, or NATA. They include two kinds of cohesive tape and a new face guard that prevents injury during sports activity.

The medical bags are designed to be very rugged and lightweight enough to be conveniently portable. Depending on the style one chooses, the bag may look somewhat similar to a flexible suitcase with a handle and wheels, or a large duffle bag carried by a strap.

People who are concerned about the possibility of a catastrophic event occurring also show interest in these medical kits. Some of these individuals are being logically practical, having witnessed the effects of hurricanes, wildfires or other disasters that made it difficult or impossible to obtain fast medical care. Others are survivalists, planning for more extreme possibilities that would require people to live without electricity and other important amenities for a very long period of time. All these individuals understand that in addition to plenty of drinking water and enough food to survive, medical supplies are crucial. The kit can contain a variety of supplies to treat injuries and relatively minor illnesses.

First aid kits for treating injured athletes can be very similar to those that would be useful after a natural disaster, or even a terrorist attack that cuts off communication and power. Tourniquets to stop bleeding and bandages that provide support for sprains and strains should be included. Regular bandages for cuts and scrapes are important, as is antiseptic topical medication to prevent infection. These are just a few examples of the types of items people choose to add to the kit. For any type of use, the weight of the bag with all its components must be considered if someone may need to carry or haul the kit for a lengthy distance.