Excellent Reasons to Choose Mens Titanium Rings for Wedding Bands

Yellow gold and white gold are by far the most common metals chosen for wedding rings, even though many other metals would effectively serve the purpose. Couples are increasingly choosing titanium, especially for the men. Men tend to not feel as attached to the tradition of gold for wedding rings, and they may prefer mens titanium rings for the rugged durability of this metal.

Titanium looks somewhat like white gold, which essentially looks like silver. Many people prefer the look of silver for a wedding band for various reasons. They may typically wear other silver jewelry, for example. They may realize that silver looks best with their skin tone and hair color. They choose white gold because it is more valuable than silver and does not have to be polished to prevent and resolve tarnishing. Another option would be platinum, but that can cost even more than white gold. Titanium is a bit more gray than silver, giving it a distinct look while also being a neutral hue.

Gold is relatively soft, which is why wearing jewelry made of pure gold, or the 24-karat version, is impractical. It is likely to become scratched or dinged, even when worn only on special occasions. It may even bend and have the perfect shape become deformed. The same problem happens with pure silver. Both of these metals are generally mixed with other metals so they become more durable. This is not the case with titanium, which is stronger and sturdier. Curious friends and relatives may ask why the couple chose titanium. In addition to the basic reasons, the couple might offer some interesting trivia about titanium. For instance, most of the material in the space shuttle structure is made from titanium because it’s so strong and is exceptional at withstanding heat.

Some men don’t even like to wear wedding bands because they are concerned about damaging the metal. They might agree to wear the ring on social occasions, such as going out to dinner or to a family gathering. When the ring is made of titanium, these men can quit worrying about wearing it to work or while pursuing hobbies like fishing, motorcycling or landscaping.