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Factors You Need to Consider When Looking for a Good Paper Shredder

Reports indicate that about 16.7 million people were affected by identity theft in the year 2017. The amount which was stolen by identity theft was about $16.8 million. In identity theft, one gets another persons info such as name and PIN to get financial benefits. The information needed to carry out identity theft can be retrieved from the trash. To reduce the amount stolen through identity theft, we need to have improved paper shredders. The paper shredding machine reduces the size of a paper into smaller ones. Below are features you have to look for to identify the best paper shredder in the market.

Before you order for a paper shredder, you need to consider the size. Paper shredders designed to be used in offices are bigger than those which are used in homes. Industries require bigger and advanced paper shredders. The number of papers you need to shred every day will determine the size of the paper shredder you need to buy. The bigger the paper shredder, the larger the collection unit.

Second, you need to buy a paper shredder with a good collection type. A paper shredding machine can have a temporary attached or permanently attached bin. You should consider purchasing a paper shredder whose bin can be detached.

Another factor you have to consider when looking for a good paper shredder is paper capacity. The more the documents the paper shredder can cut at a moment, the higher the paper capacity. Home shredders have a capability of cutting about five sheets at once while the industrial once can shred about 20 sheets at once. If you buy a paper shredder with a small paper capacity, you will take more time to shred the papers. The more the number of papers you dispose of, the bigger the paper capacity you need.

The fourth factor you need to consider when looking for a good paper shredder is the runtime. The run time is the time a paper shredder can work continuously before it recharges and cools itself down. The best paper shredders have a run time of more than 30 minutes.

The higher the total speed, the better the paper shredder. Total speed of a paper shredder depends on runtime, paper capacity and feet per minute. To determine the total speed of a paper shredder which has 10 feet per minute, paper capacity of 10 and 10 minutes runtime, you should multiply 10 by 10 by 10 to get 1000 as the total speed.

Lastly, a good paper shredder should have a higher security level. A good paper shredder should have a security level of above DIN P-6.

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