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Ways to Ensure Energy Efficiency in Commercial Building Lighting

Commercial building owners deal with a lot of issues when it comes to their buildings. Take, for instance, making sure that there is energy efficiency for commercial buildings. If you talk about energy consumption, commercial buildings fall among the top ranks. Without electricity, none of these commercial establishments will be able to function and work as they should. While these buildings will need as much electricity for their operations, this is not enough reason for them not to find ways to conserve electricity use. Keep in mind that high energy use is always equal to high costs. Getting the help of energy management companies is most common for these companies to ensure energy conservation. There are many elements of commercial buildings that use up a lot of energy. Lighting is one such aspect of these buildings that use up energy that many people disregard. For those who have not upgraded their lighting for a couple of years now, you are most likely overpaying for your building lights.

According to studies, 60% of the energy use of an entire commercial building goes to interior lighting alone. Adding to that percentage is the exterior lighting use of the commercial building. Usually, how much you will be paying for your energy bills will depend on your building size as well as exterior illumination needs. If you want to begin keeping your annual expenses for commercial lighting within your budget, you have to seek consult from an energy saving company. When you hire these companies, they will send one of their consultants over to do a lighting audit of your entire commercial building premise. The information they gather from the audit will then be used to find the best approaches and solutions to meet your energy efficiency goals and needs.

There are different methods that you can explore if you are interested in making your commercial building lighting more energy efficient. One of the many commercial energy management companies that you hire will be more than willing to provide you with suggestions to do so.

One of the most common approaches that these energy efficiency experts will advise you is to replace your fluorescent ballasts if you have old ones in the building. These ballasts are often found in corridors, halls, and other central areas of a building, which consume more energy than needed. If you must replace them, make sure to do so using more efficient ballasts, namely T8 lamps.

In the lighting market, you will also come across incandescent lamps that are noted to be least efficient. You can find a lot of commercial buildings that use this type of lighting inside of their work areas, offices, and other small areas. You can save more energy when you replace these lights with compact fluorescent lamps. Another option is to use high-intensity discharge lamps instead.

Energy management companies also recommend improving the light settings of commercial buildings. Some of these strategies include applying light colored paint to your walls, reflectors to fixtures, and lenses to fixtures for concentrated illumination and lowering light fixtures.

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