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Steps to Follow when Purchasing Granite Countertops

Granite is a special kind of stone, which is beautiful and it is used in the decoration of kitchens and bathrooms. Most people use granite countertops because they are durable and they make your kitchen and bathroom look pretty. There are many colours, and designs of granite countertops and different companies sell these granite countertops. Always consider several factors before you finally decide on the granite countertop you need.

Visit the granite showroom as the first step so that you can see the different designs and colours of granite countertops sold in the showrooms. Visiting the showroom is important because you will get a chance to match different granite countertops with your kitchen or bathroom. Given the variety of options availed to you in the showroom, you will be able to choose the granite countertops that match your kitchen. Always carry several granite countertops from the showroom when you are leaving. Using the granite samples, you will be able to fix them on your kitchen and choose one, which matches your kitchen.

When comparing, take note of the colour, size and general design of the granite countertops. You should always choose a granite countertop that satisfies all your needs. There are many tests you can carry out on the granite countertops to ensure they are of high-quality. One of the tests that you can carry out is to determine the porosity of the granite. The main procedure of finding out the porosity of the of the granite countertops is to pour several droplets of water and wiping the water with a towel. In case any residue is left on the granite countertop it means that it is highly porous.

Another test that you need to carry out on the granite countertops is the acidity resistance test. The main procedure of carrying out this acidity test is to leave several droplets of the lemon juice for a full night. If the lemon juice hasn’t corroded the granite countertop, it means that it is of high-quality. Choose the granite that has caught your eye and measure the length and width of your countertop so that you can know the number of granite countertops you need.

Ask people close to you to recommend you several granite fabricators. Stick with fabricators who have positive reviews from their previous customers. You can use several online sources to look for these granite fabricators. You have to confirm whether the fabricator you choose is among the fabricators registered by the business bureau. This will allow you to know if the fabricator you choose is authentic. Each fabricator should give you their estimate charges for their services. Using this information, you will be able to come up with a budget. Decide on the granite countertops you need so that you can buy them.

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