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Advantages of Instructional Materials in Teaching

With time both teaching methods and teaching materials have tremendously changed over time. This is as a result of educators trying to by all means to deliver teaching simply but also to cater for those learners with special needs. The rapid increase in technology has been a major factor in some of the changes that are taking place in the field of education wherein is not necessarily classroom teaching that is needed. But with the internet, a lot has changed where it is not needed for the teacher and the learner to be in one room for teaching to take place. On the other hand instructional materials have now been added to the teaching and learning process. Below are some benefit of using instructional materials in teaching.

Firstly, instructional materials motivates the learner. The teaching approach of using word of mouth to pass information at times is too boring for the learners. In addition to that it being boring it makes the learners lose motivation and with that the learner with lose concentration where they at times even sleep while the lesson is going on. But with the application of instructional materials, it is going to capture the attention of the learner where they are going to fully concentrate in the lesson hence motivated to learn more.

In addition to the help of that instructional material in summarizing information. A whole topic that could have been taught in a couple of hours can be taught in some minutes by the use of instructional materials. For example if you are trying to demonstrate a procedure you can be able to draw it on a chart where the learners can be able to see a drawing representation of the process without you trying to use several words to do so little time is going to be spent in the process.

The third merit to that comes with instructional materials is that it encourages the continuity of thought. Many at times teaching by word of mouth comes with a lot of disadvantages where when the teachers finished explaining one step and moves to the next most of the learners tend to have forgotten the previous point. However, instructional materials tend to cub these by allowing for the flow of thought by the use of visual representation. The main reason being motion pictures will last longer in the brain.

On the other hand, instructional tends to present matters in a symbolic form. Unlike the used of teaching by word of mouth where learners will be thought by using theory and they just imagine things, instructional materials allows the learners to see them. In conclusion, given below are advantages of instructional materials.

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