Winter Dress Styles Offered by Boutiques Near Me

Those who are realizing they need new dresses to wear to work this winter will want to make sure they include some fashionable and comfortable items. There are a variety of combinations that are trendy, cozy and still professional. Here is some inspiration to use as a guide when shopping.

Winter White

An elegant color in the colder months is winter white. This color is perfect to accessorize with a bold necklace, a richly hued scarf, or pretty colorful earrings. Your winter boots will ensure that the look comes together and that your legs stay warm.

Interesting Knits

Sweater dresses are not always plain, solid colors. They come with crocheted eyelets and trim that add interest to a look. There are even knits out there that mimic paisley and herringbone patterns so that the dress doesn’t look like something others everyone else is wearing.

Versatile Neutrals

When shopping for dresses, go with some neutral colors like black, taupe, and brown. Thee always look chic, especially with a long necklace and some heeled boots. This is a look that goes from day to night easily, especially if you have dinner plans after work.

Belted Dresses

Some dresses may feel a little shapeless, not showing off your figure. In order to add something to the dress, consider adding a belt. This will accentuate the waist and give the garment a great shape. The belt can tie in with a bag or pair of boots for a well put together look.

50s Inspired Fashion

Some of the biggest style innovations came about at the end of World War II. Designers were free to turn their attention to creating brand new silhouettes and shapes that would define their generation. This when the vertical line dress known as the sheath dress made its debut.

In the cold weather, these are great with a pair of warm leggings and tall boots. This is a look that can be for work or for an afternoon out with friends.

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